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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

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List Description
Ai-inst-internal Kings Institute for AI internal mailing list
ansurnetwork The Anthropology of Surveillance Network List
atm-announce Anatomy Theatre & Museum Event Announcements
Benemin Benemin Mailing list
BiophysicsSeminars Mailing list for Seminars in Biophysics
brc-monthly-meeting BRC monthly meeting
camoes-centre Camoes Centre for Portuguese Language and Culture
cdtsupervisorslist CDT Supervisors List
CGSmailinglist Centre for Grand Strategy Mailing List
China-dragons-forum China Dragons PhD Forum
clams-kcl Centre for Late Antique & Medieval Studies
Cme-public-engagement Mailing list for PE interested researchers
core-seminars Centre for Robotics Research Seminars
Cpm-ifind Clinical Pathway Meeting
Cscrm-jc-mailinglist CSCRM Journal Club Mailing List
CSDRG CSD Research Group Mailing List
Cusp-london-interest Announcements for those interested in CUSP London
CyberSecurityResearchGroup KCL Cyber Security Research Group
dcs-colloquia Computer Science Colloquia Series at King's
ddnsseminar DDNS seminar series
digihealth-kcl Digital Health Network members
dpeexternal Public list for DPE
Dtimb-phd-student DTIMB phd students
earlymodern Mailing List for Centre for Early Modern Studies
ecrn-bmeis Mailing list for Early Career Research Network at BMEIS
Egomedia Ego-Media Reasearch Project
enlightenmentstudies Enlightenment Studies research centre mailing list
Environment-List Environment & Sustainability newsletter for King's College London
environmental-science Envirionmental Science researchers @ KCL
Fibrosis-network tissue fibrosis research network
Forcetalks Mailing list for Force Talks Seminars
Formalistes London Group for Formal Philosophy mailing list
GCNPUK Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy UK, KCL
genderstudies-list Gender Studies at Kings Network
GlobalDigitalReads Global Digital Cultures reading group
humshealth List for Centre for the Humanities and Health
iacgroup Increasing Access Committee
iceberg Nine-tenths out of sight
Icrfusers A list of subscribers of our booking system
IDI-events Events at the International Development Institute
Inas-list Institute of North American Studies mailing list
Info-refugeementalhealthplace Info from Refugee Mental Health and Place Network
innovation-hub Cancer Centre - Guys
Innovation-hub-leaf Leaf Team
Innovation-hub-tissue-culture Tissue culture user group
iop-programme-chairs IOP PROGRAMME CHAIRS
iopjournalclub Notifications of the Maudsley / IOP Journal Club
ioppn-fans List for students and staff in the FaNS department
Iwch-staff IWCH internal communications staff
Japonicus-list Schizosaccharomyces japonicus mailing list
kcl-bicycle-users-group KCL Bicycle Users Group (BUG)
Kcl-geometry-seminar For seminars by the Geometry group in KCL Maths Depts
kcl-runners List for runners at all levels at King's
kcl-stem-cells-external Non-KCL with a working interest in Stem Cells
Kcl-stem-cells-external- Non KCL people with an interest in Stem Cells
kcl-stem-cells-internal KCL staff with a working interest in Stem Cells
Kclgeometry For events by the Geometry group in KCL Maths Dept
keatssupportteam Central list for KEATS including Catalyst and ULCC
kingsdh-events Announcements of digital humanities events at KCL
Light-matter Light and Matter Seminar
LMERSS Network for maths ed research and practice
London-Probability London Probability at Kings
Maths-student-events Events targeted at Mathematics students
mentalphysicalhealthinterface IMPARTS
middle-east-events Forthcoming KCL events in Middle Eastern Studies
Mr-hifu-network External HIFU collaborations
Necemembers Network of excellence in clinical education group
netadis Netadis network
Neuroimaging-seminars Announcements relating to seminars in neuroimaging
newfinsystem new Finance System
Nihsa-mailinglist Mailing list for the New International Histories of South Asia network
nlp-group Natural Language Processing interest group
openair openair users
Performance-mailing Theatre and performance research news and events at King's and beyond
Philmed-research For King's researchers with interests in philosophy of medicine
Policyinstitute-slt Policy Institute SLT
policyplus-subscriber Policy Plus and Practice Plus subscriber
Psychedelictrialsgroup Discussion surrounding psychedelic research
psychmedseminars Seminars in psychological medicine IOP
ptop-list Purchase to Pay
Qafcarn The Quebec and French Canada Research Network
RegulatoryGenomics JC on genetic and epigenetic regulation of gene expression in Humans
runningclub IoP Running Club members
Rvim-journal-club Journal Club on Robotics and Vision in Medicine
SEGEG South of England Genetic Epidemiology Group
Sgdp-msc SGDP departmental mailing list for MSc students
SgdpExecutive SGDP Executive Committee
shakespeare-centre London Shakespeare Centre
smhc-mailinglist Friends of SMHC
socialtheorygroup Social Theory Group
Stai-public-events Mailing list public events in Safe and Trusted AI
Strandpostroom Inquiries in terms of post at Strand
telos-network Members of the TELOS network
tensixtysix-mailinglist 1066 DRG Mailing List
uhf-mri-methods 7T MRI methods development community
UKQFT UK QFT meetings
wlab-users Users of the Wheatstone Innovation Lab
wp-network Widening Participation Staff and Supporters

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